Why Free Range?


A little birdie once told us that “Free Range is better!”. Our free range hens are chosen for the lovely brown eggs. These are laid from around 6am each day in rows of nest boxes at our farm in Knockaderry, Co. Limerick.


With this task done and two rounds of feeding over our hens are free to roam the lush pastures of the Golden Vale for the remainder of the day. The hens make frequent trips back and forth to their house for clean drinking water and free range hen feed rich in corn and wheat is always available.


At sundown the hens return to the protection of their house for the night and the shutters are pulled down to keep out any predators and allow them a peaceful nights sleep.


You are welcome to visit our happy hens at our farm and watch them engage in their favourite past time of scratching and digging up the earth. On a summers day they particularly love to head for the shady areas so Mike has installed some low lying shelters around the field for them.